Quality Management

James Glen Quality Commitment

The entire business process is integrated into a continuously expanding quality management system.

Our products are of the highest standards in the industry. In addition to working only with certified suppliers and manufacturing standards, detailed material-specific testing is conducted on all products in our in-house state-of-the-art equipment chemical-metallurgical laboratory.

Among our testing equipment you will find: X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, tension compression testing machine, contourograph, profile projector, thread gauge and equipment for spectral analysis. With the equipment for spectral analysis we  chemical composition of materials are checked; with the tension compression testing machine, mechanical properties of materials are examined and with the contourograph we examine dimensional tolerance.

In short we ensure that the product you purchase performs how it is supposed to perform, fits how it is supposed to fit and that the product will last.

In addition, James Glen subjects itself to the opinions of external specialists. Furthermore, customer impetus and the cooperative partnership with certified suppliers form the basis for the continuous optimisation of the James Glen product quality.