Stainless Steel Rigging Screws & Turnbuckles

Looking for stainless steel turnbuckles for your balustrading, rigging, shade sail, marine or any other applications? Look no further, James Glen is the right place for you! We have been the market leader for 50 years supplying high quality stainless steel turnbuckles and all sorts of stainless steel hardware. Here you can surely find one to suit your need, no matter you are after open body or closed body turn buckles in pattern of jaw-jaw, eye-eye, hook-hook, eye-hook or jaw-swage terminal, we have them all! All those turnbuckles and rigging screws are available both in stainless steel 304 grade and 316 grade.

Stainless steel is a generic term referring to a group of corrosion resistant steels containing a certain amount of Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum and other elements, which provides both high strength and superb corrosion resistance. The stainless steels are resistant to corrosion is due to their naturally occurring chromium-rich oxide film covered on the surface of the steel.

There is a reason why we are the market leader in stainless steel hardware for more than 5 decades since 1964. Quality always comes first at James Glen. We offer all our customers Quality Assurance over all our stainless steel hardware and fittings. This assurance is especially important when it comes to stainless steel turnbuckles and stainless steel rigging screws. We do load test and also chemical analysis to make sure they live to industrial stands.

Some of the stainless steel rigging screws and turn buckles we offer are - TURNBUCKLE HOOK & HOOK, TURNBUCK EYE & EYE, TURNBUCKLE HOOK & EYE, TURNBUCKLE JAW & JAW, PIPE TURNBUCKLE JAW & JAW, PIPE TURNBUCKLE HOOK & EYE, PIPE TURNBUCKLE (WD+WD TOG), PIPE TURNBUCKLE JAW & TERM and PIPE TURNBUCKLE SWAGE + LAG. They come in different sizes and grades to accommodate your specific needs.

Our austenitic stainless steel turnbuckles are strong, stylish and superb in corrosion resistance. To find out more about our stainless steel turnbuckles or stainless steel rigging screws please don’t hesitate to contact us.